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Cross-System Object Lock and
Downgrade Protection settings

You can configure the cross-system object lock and downgrade protection check to skip the check for PFCG role objects or for all customizing objects.
This can improve the performance of the check if the transports contain large amounts of PFCG role objects or other customizing objects


- Inactivate checks for no-risk changes considered
- Time saving during conflict checks calculation 

Assign Transport Request:
Automatically updated transport request description

After assigning a transport request to a new change document, the description of transport request is updated accordingly


- Avoid mistake during the renaming of the transport request description
- Consistent data between change ticket and TR description
- Time saving thanks to automatic renaming

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Transport Log: Display transport step and return code

For every transport request (and transport of copies) that is associated to a change, the new column Import Status indicates the latest import status.

To see transport steps and return code for imported systems, click the icon.

The transport risk dialogue box now also displays transport steps and return codes for transport requests that have transport errors.


- Immediat visibility of the transport steps and return code in the change ticket
- Time saving to retrieve the information

Administration Cockpit:
Current cycle phase visible in task list

For continual cycles, phase cycles, and urgent changes, there is a new column in the task list overview

Cycle Phase indicates the current phase of the change cycle that is assigned to each task list


- Obtain clear information about the current phase

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WebClient UI:
System-supported input for business partner fields

When you use the input help (F4) to fill out business partner fields, the search only suggests entries that have the required PFCG role for the selected partner function.

When you enter the business partner manually, a message informs you if your input does not match any user with the required role.


- Avoid mistake in the partner selection
- Time saving in the display and selection of partners

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WebClient UI: See the next scheduled
import job

In a change document or change cycle, the Landscape assignment block displays the start date and time of the next scheduled import job


- Direct information about the next scheduled import job
- More transparency on transport requests import

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