Ovee. SCP Platform (Saas)

Our SAP Cloud Platform is an open platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that delivers in-memory capabilities, core platform services, and unique microservices to help you extend, integrate and build innovative mobile-enabled cloud applications in less time. 

Release Management cockpit

Release Management Cockpit is a FIORI application allows SAP customers to better understand and manage their releases centrally.

Release Building

One tool to build Releases. Release’s content is divided into four parts:
1. Already delivered (already imported or waiting to be imported)
2. Potential elements to be delivered (waiting for validation)
3. Elements that are not ready and they will be delivered with next deliveries
4. Elements that are not concerned by current delivery but whose orders are waiting to be imported (Release Exceptions)

Dashboard & Reporting

Graphs show Release Content (Aggregated on one or many axis).
Reporting to determine Release status to anticipate decision making

Extensible UI

Any information about items that
constitute Release, can be shown
even customer specific fields.

UI can be customized based on
client needs.

Many deployment’s mode

Application can be deployed in many ways:
1. Full on Premise
a. Without using SCP
b. Using SCP
2. On Could

Release Scheduling

Release will be scheduled after validation of Release Manager.
Authority check on Release Manager validation and Release scheduling.

Release Monitoring

Make sure that Release executed correctly.
Logging Release’s execution to highlight errors origins.

Release Health Check

Ensure releases contain correct elements, good order and respect development’s best practices rules.


Links to many useful external tools.

Navigation between items easy and intuitive.

Release Exceptions

Handle exceptions by showing elements that are already delivered but neither imported nor concerned by current Release.

Exclusion from Release

Possibility to exclude elements although they are already delivered to avoid import.
Second chance for Release Manager to reject some elements from current lot.
Integration with Downgrade Protection to minimize risks of production regressions.

Refresh tool sous Fiori

This tool is the result of successful co-innovation between Ovee and several customers. It is delivered as a service by our consultants who will also transfer the knowledge to the customer basis team during onsite session.

Ovee support:

- fixes for software bugs discovered at customer side
- software maintenance for other bugs
Moreover, Ovee will make sure that the tool works after an SAP Solution Manager upgrade to 7.2 (when in GA)
Questions and issues can be addressed to: solutions@ovee.fr with subject [RTST]

Technical Prerequisite:

- Tool is shipped with Transport Requests
- Compatible with SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP10 onwards

Planned features:

- Help input and consistency checks for systems in scope
- Delta import automation and cleanup of the buffer of next system in transport track
- Exclude selection of Transport Requests

Motivation & Features
—> Motivation

Automation of post-refresh activities (related to transport requests) for Test Systems
Manage Original Transport Requests (TR) as well as Transport of Copies (ToC)
Works in a ChaRM environment and even without ChaRM

—> Features

Refresh can be anticipated by calculating Delta between systems several times before the refresh
Automation of Delta-Calculation
Optimization of calculated Delta (only last ToC is kept in a ChaRM environment) to minimize import duration
Import buffer of Refreshed System is automatically rebuild after refresh


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