Ovee. is a french company located at Paris (France). We are involved in projects in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg or other neighbors. We also propose softwares as a service available internationally, all over the world on a SCP Platform.

Officially created the January 1, 2016, Ovee. was founded by Julien Follenfant (Founder & CEO of B2T Conseil, a consulting company specialized on services for SAP Solution Manager tools & ALM methodologies) and Stéphane Bustarret (Service Consultant at SAP) with the aim of joining their strengths to go further in advising for the IT organizations on SAP.

Ovee. has been built on strong customer-oriented and employees-centric values.
They are the foundation of our organization.


At Ovee., we strongly believe that trust is the cement of all relationships. Therefore to be worthy of your trust and that of our employee, it is our policy to demonstrate the highest standards of integrity in all aspects of our business as well as conducting our activity fairly and equitably.


As a customer, be sure that you are constantly in the heart of all the work we do! We help you to find answers to any question you may have thanks to our experience, methodology and technical expertise. We also strive to establish and maintain a close relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

At Ovee. we think that complexity in a challenge should not necessary lead to a complex solution. Our preference will always go to the straightforward and easy to maintain solution. Because we know from experience that it will be the most profitable one.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
Leonardo da Vinci


We know that our value lies in our expertise and experience and that is what you expect from us. That’s why we always try to look out for the quality of our deliveries and bring you the best attention and expertise to your challenges.