Easily Extract And Archive Your Change Documents
For Your Auditors

Easily give your auditors the material they need

Completeness of the data

  • Extraction of all possible data content from all types of change document (or other CRM transactions).
  • Extraction of documents attached to each change document (or other CRM transactions).
  • Generation of PDF files describing the completeness of each change document (or other CRM transactions).

Extensive configuration

  • Wide possibilities for customizing the extraction scope (which fields are going to be extracted from each transaction) as well as the number of documents to be extracted (by filters).
  • Creation of multiple and interchangeable extraction scopes.
  • Extraction sample display to verify data before launching the real extraction

Extraction history

  • View and search extraction history.
  • Download files generated in finished extractions at any time.

latest technology

  • Using the most recent SAP Fiori technology with SAPUI5 elements.
  • Cloud solution that allows access to the application from anywhere, at any time, only through a mobile device with internet access.
  • Modern user-friendly interface that ensures simple and concise use of our solution.

Available Now
Fully integrated 

On Premise or SaaS

« The auditors no longer connect to our Change Control systems, they ask us to extract the items used as evidence and bring these to them. Thanks to the Ovee archiver, I can bring them the documents they ask for in a minimum of time. ».