Ovee. Security Checks

The intelligent Query Builder for the controls of your IS security policy on SAP.
An IS Security Policy is a set of rules and procedures designed to ensure that all users and networks within an organization meet minimum IT security and data protection requirements. How can you verify that your security policy is correctly applied on your SAP systems?

New partnership between Tricentis and SAP

Today, this information is a small revolution in the world of “Test Management” of SAP solutions. The software publisher has just announced a partnership with Tricentis, one of the leaders in test orchestration and automation solutions for the IT world.


Quick overview: ChaRM latest innovations

Since SP10, ChaRM offers new features which can be useful to know and don’t require a particular configuration.

Do you know them? Cross System Object Lock settings to exclude PFCG roles or customizing objects, Transport logs on transport step and return code, etc…